Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of El Llamafante. Our full business name is El Llamafante.

We are registered in Switzerland.

Our website is available at

We care about the protection of your personal data and we collect and process it in accordance with the applicable laws. We are compliant with the GDPR, the world’s most comprehensive data protection law, to ensure that the data you entrust us is protected in the best possible way.

For the purposes of this privacy policy and our privacy practices in general, we are the Data Controller of your personal data. Our data processors are listed in the section “With whom we share your personal data”.

Why we process data

We process data for:

  • Execution of a contract with you. When you buy a product from our website, we need to collect and process your personal data in order to process your order and deliver the product. This may include your personal name, home address, ZIP code, country, etc.
  • Website analytics. We use a third-party tool to monitor how website visitors behave on our website to get insight on how our website is used, what web pages are visited, and similar analytics data.
  • We use third-party tools to monitor the behavior of persons who visit, to understand their needs better, and to serve them with tailored ads and other marketing materials.
  • Website performance. We process data to improve the website user experience of our website visitors, such as saving users’ preferences, etc.
  • Providing customer support or other forms of help. If you request customer support from us or any other information, we will process your personal data in order to provide such support.
  • Legitimate interest. From time to time, we may process your personal information according to our legitimate interest. Our legitimate interests may include website security, fraud detection, direct marketing, or another interest. We use legitimate interest as a legal basis for data processing only where necessary, where our interests override your data subject rights (which means that not processing your data would be too dangerous for us, such as in the case of prevention a fraud or other situations), and where we can reasonably believe that you would expect the processing to have taken place.

How we collect and process data

We collect data in two major ways:

  • Data you provide to us. This is the data you give us to execute the contract, i.e. when you buy from us, when you request customer support, etc.
  • Data we collect with cookies and other tracking technologies. Our website may contain cookies or other tracking technologies that collect your personal data. The third-party tools that provide these cookies and tracking technologies are listed in the section “With whom we share your personal data”.

What categories of personal data we collect and process

We collect and process the following personal data:

  • For the execution of contracts:
    • Personal name
    • Home address (or delivery address)
    • ZIP code
    • Country of residence
    • Email address
    • Credit card number (provided directly to the payment processor, we never get access to your payment information)
  • Analytics purposes
    • IP address
    • Digital fingerprints
  • Marketing purposes:
    • Your behavior on our website
    • Your personal interests (in the amount and the way provided by the Facebook Pixel)
    • Email address

With whom we share your personal data

We use third-party tools to enhance the performances of our website. Some of them require the use of personal data in order to fulfill their function. They are our data processors.

El Llamafante is the data controller. We decide why, when and what data to process. These data processors just follow our instructions and process the data on our behalf. For that purpose, we share your personal data with them. We use only reputable third-party tools that are used widely all around the world.

These include:

Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to monitor users’ behavior on our website. It provides us with information on what web pages you have visited, what products you have looked at, and others. It also provides us with data on the demographics of the website visitors.

Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel monitors the web pages you have visited on our website, and then based on that data, it allows us to target you with relevant ads on the social networks belonging to the Facebook group of companies (including but not limited to Instagram and WhatsApp).

PayPal and Stripe. We use PayPal and Stripe payment processors to provide you with the opportunity to pay for the products you buy. They process your payment information. El Llamafante never collects payment data. We have integrated these payment processors on our website in a way that you interact directly with them and we never touch your credit card number or anything else related to the payment data.

Mailchimp. We use Mailchimp to capture your email address when you decide to provide it to us, to segment our users based on certain behaviors and provide you with newsletters, offers via email, and others.

What are your rights as the owner of personal information

You are the data subject. You have the following data subject rights:

  • Information on the processing
  • Access to your data
  • Correction of your inaccurate data
  • Objection to processing
  • Restriction of processing
  • Erasure of your data
  • Data portability

How can you exercise your personal data rights

You can exercise your data subject rights by submitting a data subject request to

We will respond to your request in the legally prescribed deadline of 30 days upon the request.

Do Not Track signals

If you turn on the Do Not Track signals on your browser, we will comply with your desire not to receive tracking technologies.

Location and transfer of your personal data

We will store and process your personal data on the servers of our data processors. This may mean that we will conduct transfers of your data to third countries, including the United States, whose data protection laws at a certain point of time may not be at the same level with the data protection laws of your country.

By providing us your personal data you agree on the transfer of such data to third countries where the servers we use are located.

Nevertheless, we use appropriate data transfer instruments and we use the services only of reputable third-party tools in order to ensure that your personal data will be safe at all times.

Security of your personal data

We store and process your personal data only on the servers of our globally reputable data processors. They employ maximum efforts, including the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data from any breaches or attacks.

You can inform yourself about the technical and organizational measures they take on their websites.

Children’s personal data

This website is not intended for children under 16 years of age and therefore we do not process children’s data knowingly. If you become aware that you may have collected and processed your child’s personal data, contact us and we will have their data erased as soon as possible.

Changes to this privacy policy

From time to time, we may make changes to this privacy policy. You should read it from time to time to ensure that you are up to date with our privacy practices.

In addition, we may inform you about any changes by email, but that’s on our own discretion.

Contact information

You can contact us with any enquiries at We will respond to you as soon as we can.

Effective date of the privacy policy: 2023