Delivery & Returns

The time between your order and the arrival of the product at your door depends on the production of the product. You acknowledge that each product of El Llamafante is unique, requires a unique production and design approach and therefore the delivery time can vary from one order to another.

However, we ship all the products to your shipping address the next day from finishing the production.

Note: The products that must be made and require production time have a special note on the product site. All other products are usually in stock and ready to be shipped immediately.

On checkout you will be presented with one or more shipping methods to your chosen shipping address. Availability of shipping methods vary from country to country. At the same time, you will be presented with:

  • Any applicable costs to any specific shipping method.
  • The approximate delivery time

Once you choose your shipping method, the shipping costs will be added to the total price.

You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any delays in the shipping of the product. The approximate delivery time presented to you at checkout is the time between shipping the product from our premises to the moment the product arrives to your shipping address.

Any delays of that shipping time is beyond our control and you acknowledge that we have no responsibility for such delays.

When estimating the time between making the order and delivery to your shipping address, you shall take into account the time necessary for production of the product.

You also acknowledge that you are solely responsible for paying import-related taxes and tariffs in the country of delivery.

The shipping does not pay for such taxes and tariffs. You are solely responsible for paying for them should the national, state, or local authorities require so.

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide for the delivery of products. We are not responsible for any consequences in the case of receiving inaccurate information by you.

We may contact you by email for information related with the production time and the approximate shipping date. However, you acknowledge that such information is subject to changes due to the nature of production of the products you may order from the Online Store and we are not liable for any damages or other consequences due to such changes.

Cancellation, Returns and Refunds


You can cancel your order in 24 hours from ordering and you will be refunded.

Due to the nature of production, we cannot accept cancellation after 24 hours from ordering.

Returns and Refunds

We will issue a refund if:

  • You receive a damaged product. You can request a refund in 14 days upon receiving the product by sending an email to In the email, you need to describe the reasons for the refund request and attach any evidence about it, including as a minimum a photo of the damaged product. If We establish that you have received a damaged product, we will issue a refund. You may choose to return the product at your own cost or keep it.
  • You never receive the product and the shipping address is correct. You can request a refund by sending an email at in 14 days upon the expiry of the upper limit of the approximate shipping time.

Upon receiving the email, we will investigate the reasons for non-delivery. If we cannot cure these reasons, we will issue a refund.

  • If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t fit you can also ask for a refund, however, keep in mind that you are in charge for the returning shipping fees.

Please note that El Llamafante is a very small business and we do encourage customers to be conscious of their buying behavior, that’s why we aren’t very much in favor of returns, so we kindly encourage that you read all descriptions carefully and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to write to

Very happy to answer all questions! 

Production Time:

If the clothes are out of stock we will restock depending on the demand

Production time: 2 weeks

Knitwear may take longer than two weeks as it is made all by hand.

Max 3 weeks, but we will be in touch with you.