Small Productions | Limited Editions


“Ooh! I think they are playful and unique; I’m barraged with compliments every time I step out of my house with them on my legs. It’s effortless to rave about El Llamafante, a brilliant woman with brilliant ideas.”


“Wearing El Llamafante invites play into my day and awakens my inner child. Her garments are color & shape therapy, as I am happily drowned in combinations that are bold, encouraging & evoke confidence & thrill :D They help me embrace healthy individuality & make
me happy to stand out!”


“The boldness with which El Llamafante moves in the
world is fascinating and encouraging. The most vivid imaginations become true and the bearer of the clothes is gifted with head-turning ahhs. Whether you’re feeling blue or on top of the world, one thing becomes unchanged:

These colours don’t lie. “