Noëmi Rahel Siegfried is a Swiss-Hungarian Interdisciplinary Artist and Process Designer based in Mexico City.

Her aim is to create a magical world, that stimulates the imagination of the person who wears the clothes as well as the beholder.

She has always had a strong fascination for fashion and has been an avid collector of garments from different eras since she was a child. To design clothes for her is like placing form, color and texture in a specific order that incites an emotion.

El Llamafante’s clothes is for individuals who love to be unique, outside of the norm and who are brave enough to stand out.

"Llama la atención! Be a Happy Punk!"

Life is too short to wear boring clothes, as she always says!

She is inspired by cinema, art, poetry and the 70’s and all the many places and personalities she was able to meet throughout her journeys around the world, each one of them gifting her a different color palette.


About El LLamafante:

The brand’s name, El Llamafante was born out of a dream she had before moving away from Switzerland, in which a surreal animal, a cross of a llama and an elephant, appeared to her. Through techniques like automatic drawing, she began to invent a fantastic and magical world around the Llamafante, where surreal and joyful creatures intermingled with each other in mysterious ways and would then appear on paper.

Later on, she decided to use clay in order to create small three-dimensional sculptures of these creatures.

This magical world that was emerging slowly in front of her eyes inspired her to develop a fashion brand that would interact with the art she was making, and in doing so, expand the idea of what fashion could be. She decided to create a collection based on the tiny sculptures she had produced. In the process of elaborating the designs, she envisioned a sculpture for each outfit, but on a much larger scale. So, she manufactured them in a larger size using the technique of Papier-mâché.

By now, El Llamafante tells us a story. With each collection the brand introduces three new characters or themes that are relevant to the story, taking form as comic figures which are being illustrated by Noëmi as well.